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How long before you sell my property?

The selling time of your property depends on the correct setting of the selling price. From our many years of experience in the real estate market in the Zlín region, we will help you by comparing comparable properties currently offered on the market and similar properties already sold by our office, to appropriately set the sale price so that we achieve a sale in the shortest possible time at a price you will be satisfied with.

What will be your reward?

The real estate agency pays from its commission all costs associated with the sale, i.e. advertising your property on real estate servers, drafting of the reservation contract, future contract and purchase contract by the cooperating attorney, escrow of the purchase price with the contracted attorney of the real estate agency, fees for proposals for entry into the Real Estate Cadastre, including payment of stamps, handover of the apartment/house (presence of the broker, preparation of the handover protocol). The fee ranges from 3 to 5% of the property price. In general, the higher the price of the property, the lower the percentage commission to the real estate agent.

What is an energy performance label and why do I need to have one when I sell my house?

A building energy performance certificate (PENB) is a document that contains statutory information on the energy performance of a building. According to the law, as of 1 January 2013, the owner of the building is obliged to ensure the preparation of the energy performance certificate of the building and to submit the certificate to the potential buyer before the conclusion of the relevant contracts. In case you are our client, we offer contact to proven companies that will create PENB for you.

Where will the money be deposited when the property is sold?

Euro Reality Zlín real estate agency provides escrow of real estate purchase prices with cooperating insured attorneys, members of the Czech Bar Association.

Who is a personal broker?

From the very beginning of cooperation with our real estate agency, you will deal only with your personal broker who will know your situation in detail and with whom you will be in daily communication regarding the sale or lease of your property. The breadth of our services covers all situations that may arise when renting or buying a property. Starting with expert real estate consultations and advice, through to ensuring the entire transaction is carried out, to financial and tax services.

How do I sell an apartment with a foreclosure?

Your personal real estate agent will take over the communication with the executor and the lenders, and we will make any payment of the pledge from our own resources. We can also buy your property at the highest possible price.

What is meant by „full service“?

Every property must have a correctly set selling price. We will come to you to price the property and after a joint consultation leave the next steps to us. We will professionally photograph the property. We will advertise the apartment/house in the area. We will take care of viewings with clients. Then our lawyers will prepare the wording of the purchase contract, each tailored to your property. Also, a legal escrow, is by law, created for each sale separately. After the purchase contract is signed, we enter the purchase contracts at the cadastral office. After the new owner is registered at the cadastral office, we hand over the property in the presence of the sellers and buyers. 
All the above actions are included in the commission.

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